Lifestyle & Behaviors


Acupressure can clear an issue, but that does not last long without figuring out why the issue was there in the first place. In discussing lifestyle and behavioral/emotional issues we discover (together) what are the mosly likely causes for the body to lose its ability to naturally heal itself.  The good news is, any changes you may need to make to ensure long-lasting health are natural and inexpensive.

What is Lifestyle?:

Lifestyle is a word for discussing the life you/your pet live.  Basic elements make up our lifestyle; food, water, air, exercise, sunlight, and our fellow companions. Our animals (and us) have a body biologically designed to fit a certain lifestyle:  walking long distances each day, within a family group, eating a variety of organic foods, breathing clear air, drinking clean water, and getting hours of sunshine through the eyes and skin/fur. 

When the body’s healing system is not able to do its job it’s because one or more of these lifestyle elements is too far out of balance. It's amazing how long a body can go before it says "that's it, I'm topped out on bad (food/air/water)", but basically, that's what it's saying when it breaks down.

When we address the lifestyle issues to bring the body closer to what it thinks is normal for our species, we then are able to address the root cause of the issue.  In this way, we can all help a body keep itself in good health.

Emotional or Behavioral Issues (A Stable Home):

One specific Lifestyle issue, the one related to community/companions, often causes the most problems between humans and animals.  

Most animals (including us) are biologically designed to live in a social group of its own species, with a strong leader at the helm.  The social unit will do everything together: move, sleep, eat, drink, play.   These activities create, reinforce, and maintain a strong bond and stability within the individual and the group.  It is the leader who decides the who, what, when, of each of the activities. It is the role of strong leader that most humans need to learn.

Most of the behavioral issues we see come from the issue of weak leadership. Strong leaders will do certain behaviors around food, shelter, friends, movement, and in a strong leader style (clear, consistent, and fair), that creates good behavior in the individuals in the group. 

Our pets are always ready and willing for us to be a strong leader. By learning this role, you become the reason your pet feels safe and secure. With you as the leader, behavior issues resolve like magic.