Helping the Body Heal


I'm pretty sure my mission is to share the news that the body knows how to heal itself.

The body is like a computer so smart we cannot (yet) recreate what it can do.  It is made up of over 100 trillion cells, which are in constant communication with each other, making joint decisions every millisecond, about how to keep itself in good working order. So the body is not only its own doctor, but an expert about itself.  

Acupressure (and Acupuncture)

A very long time ago humans discovered and mapped what is called in English, “the meridian system”.  These are pathways that run just under the skin, through the body, connecting to each other.  We know the body uses these pathways as part of it's doctoring job because when dis-ease or illness is in the body there are places (points) on those meridians act like blocks on a roadway.  We don't know what's flowing in the meridians but its a big a part of the "how" the body heals itself.

Picture this scene that most of us know: when a car is stopped dead on the highway it blocks all the traffic behind it.  And there is a lot that wants to get through.  Now, when that car (aka the block) is removed, all the traffic on the highway behind it starts moving again slowing, and then quicker, until the flow is back to full speed again.    Through Acupressure (or Acupuncture), when we remove enough blocks in the meridians the issues of dis-ease or illness begin to disappear, first slowly and then very quickly, just like traffic slowly then quickly moves after the accident is cleared.

Quantum physics supports what is happening here.  At the subatomic level, matter is not solid or tangible.  A solid table isn’t solid, we aren't solid, but are a buzzing collection of particles and waves.  Those blocks in the meridian system are the buzzing collections, but in some lump that should not be there and is blocking the flow.  Acupressure is a process whereby the practitioner (me) can feel for those lumps and get them to leave.  When we release them through touch, whatever was waiting to flow through the meridian starts through again, slowly, then quickly, and pretty soon the body is back in business and healing itself again.  This is the reason why Acupressure works, and so quickly.  And why it can work on any issue including those deemed impossible to treat by conventional medical practices.   

With no side effects, Acupressure can be used for: 

  • Joint & Bone problems
  • Muscle & Tendon issues
  • Eyes, Nose &Throat issues
  • Skin & Hair conditions
  • Digestion problems
  • Neurological conditions
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Behavioral/Emotional issues
  • and more (please inquire)

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