The Body Heals Itself

Our bodies are biologically designed to heal themselves. We have over 100 trillion cells in communication, sending and receiving information, so that the body can make millions of computations and decisions each second about what it needs to do to keep itself in good working order. It has biological expectations as well, about food and living environment for instance, that play into helping its ability stay healthy. 

When symptoms are appearing that things are not right, the body uses the help from acupressure to get back on track. Acupressure is a powerful method to helping a body regain balance and health.  

What is Acupressure?

 Acupressure is an ancient healing science that use communication pathways that run just under the surface of the skin. When illness strikes congestion appears on those pathways, and clearing the congestion puts the body back into full-on healing mode. It is very similar to how a car accident on the highway causes the whole system to stop, or flow weakly around it. Or how you can bend a garden hose and shut off the flow of water. Acupressure releases the congestion, and like removing the car from the highway, or straightening out the garden hose, the system that was blocked flows through the area with full force again.    

Environment & Food

Our pets are biologically designed to spend their days walking and running across large territories, within family groups, searching for and eating a variety of organic food sources, breathing clear air, drinking clean water, and getting hours of sun on their skins.  

Although acupressure can help the body heal, the problem will return if we do not address the root cause. Knowing the expectations of the body in diet and environment, we can find the likely reason for why the body failed in its ability to heal itself. I will suggest natural solutions to support the body to heal, and discuss how changes in diet or adding back those missing “nature-intended” elements of life (like exercise, and sunshine), are key elements to helping a body maintain its health.

A Little Bodywork

  Fascia is like a crisscross spiderweb and it surrounds every small and large thing inside our bodies. Think of it as a body sized grocery sack that contains many other sacks inside of it, and all of them connected to each other by the same webbing. 

One of the functions of fascia is to carry communications across its surface. Tight fascia is not only painful in the short term, it can block signals getting through. It’s like that kink in a garden hose and tight fascia (like finding a knot under the skin where it should not be) is also keeping the body from fully healing itself. 

As I go through the first acupressure session I will feel for muscle and fascial tension under the surface of the skin. I’ll work on it right then to see if it will release. However, if your animal has old unresolved injuries, lacks regular physical activity, or has nerve or circulation issues, we should think about devoting a whole session to release and restore healthy fascia!