About Me


I have always believed we can help our bodies heal with natural solutions, and by working with (and not against) nature.  There are natural solutions to every problem and my ability to research natural solutions across multiple disciplines, analyze and synthesize, has not only come in handy my whole life but is also my life-long passion. 

My journey of studying nature and how we were biologically designed began 40 years ago with college classes in nutrition and animal behavior. Though I ventured into the business world after college, I never stopped my self-study in all the fields that provided me this information.  Actually, college taught me how to research and read vast amounts of information.  I began studying acupressure in 2011 because I wanted to follow my passions of natural healing and animals.  I am a graduate of the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute (Colorado, USA).  

Learning how the body is designed to live and heal (biological design and the meridian system), and using that information to help us get and stay well, is my passion. I am honored to share the power of that information and training with you.  

You have questions, I have answers (let's talk)