Sessions are $75 and take 1 hour (the first session is 1 1/2 hours).

How successful is this? 

Remarkably. Most animals are done in 3-5 sessions.  After the first session we see comfort, and within a few more sessions symptoms and issues leave all together. 

Are there any side effects?


Can I do this alongside Western (Conventional) Medicine?


AcuPressure vs. AcuPuncture


Both Acupuncture and Acupressure use the same pathways (channels, meridians) and points on those pathways that were mapped 5,000 years ago in ancient China.  AcuPuncture is the use of needles on those Points.  AcuPressure is the use of pressure by fingers on Points that are on the 12 pathways under the skin (there are a couple hundred). As in the photo above, animals can use points on each other and on themselves. 

It is said this method of healing was first observed by warriors who saw their horses healing from various issues after being speared in otherwise random locations.  It spread throughout many ancient cultures about the same time, and we attribute it to China who wrote the knowledge down first.