The Body Heals Itself

By design all living things have a self-doctoring/healing system that has allowed us all to survive and thrive. This ability to self-heal incorporates the complex, connected network of systems (i.e. nervous, digestive, lymphatic, musculo-skeletal, etc.) within the body, systems that are in constant communication with each other, and in micro form, with very cell, every second of our lives. 

The communications are both computations and decisions about what is needed by the body at each moment -  trillions of decisions per second based on the needs of that unique body. This means that each body is already designed to be its own best doctor. And why healing happens quickest when we support the body's healing system.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure assists the body's healing system so perfectly that it is one of the most powerful methods to help a body regain health. 

Acupressure is an ancient healing science that works on the 12 pathways that run under the surface of the skin. When illness or disease strikes, congestion/blocks appear on those pathways. Those blocks are like a stopped-car causing gridlock on a highway.  The touch from a skilled acupressure practitioner releases the blocks, so that the body's self-healing system starts moving (traffic) again.   


Our pets were biologically designed for a very different way of life than living with us.  Evolution has designed them to spend their days walking/running barefoot across their territories, with their families, searching for and eating a variety of organic food sources, breathing clear air, drinking clean water, and getting hours of sun on their skins. An imbalance in these “normal” elements of diet and living habits causes failure in the ability of the body to heal itself. 

A standard diet for dogs and cats, leaves them nutritionally deficient in a few key areas.  For all our domesticated pets, illness is usually the result of toxicity that we can remove by analyzing their diet and adding natural supplements.  Changes not just to their diet, but to missing natural elements of living, are the key to keeping the body maintain its health to the end of a normal lifespan. 

A Little Bodywork

Most of us know a tight muscle when we feel it, but did you know that a chronically tight muscle (or the fascia that surrounds it) can be a block to healing? 

The brain stops listening to the needs of a chronically tight muscle, which slows blood and lymph flow to and through the muscle.  A tight muscle can pinch nerves. A pinched nerve can prevent communication of the brain to the other parts of the body.

Tight muscles (or fascia) will interfere with the body’s ability to communicate and heal.  I often do both muscle tension or fascia release during a session and if significant, will devote a whole session to releasing those systems so the body's healing system can work at its best. 

AcuPressure vs AcuPuncture

Both Acupuncture and Acupressure use the same pathways (channels, meridians) and points on those pathways that were mapped 5,000 years ago in ancient China.  AcuPuncture is the use of needles on those Points.  AcuPressure is the use of pressure by fingers on Points that are on the 12 pathways under the skin (there are a couple hundred). 

One story goes that this method of healing was first observed by warriors who saw their horses healing from various issues after being speared in odd locations.  It appears the discovery of the pathway system happened in multiple ancient cultures about the same time, though we currently attribute it to the land of China.   



Sessions are $75 and last around an hour.

How successful is this? 

Remarkably. Most animals are done in 3-5 sessions.  After the first session we see comfort, and within a few more sessions symptoms and issues leave together. 

Are there any side effects?


Can I do this alongside Western (Conventional) Medicine?