About me


I am a 2012 graduate of the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Colorado. I bring a species-specific knowledge of the biology of our pets, nutrition, and their natural wild behaviors.  Combining acupressure with species-specific nutrition creates a powerful healing team.

I love to research, and am a natural detective, and investigator.  I biologically break down physical issues and with your explanation of the unique situation of your animal we create a healing path.  

I began studying natural healing while still a teen, and have been a advocate of healing with nature my whole life.  

Learning animal acupressure was my mid-life decision to shift from the world of business to creating work from my passions.  What I didn't know would happen was the power of it all, and the whole new world of energy and quantum physics. 

What started in college as a yearning to study animal behavior, and then years in the world of health and nutrition, combined with acupressure.  These parts of my life have created an effective, and joyous, healing practice.   

Animals of All Species

I was four when we moved to a small town in northern California. Soon after arriving we visited the local dude ranch and I met a horse for the first time. I was in love and I just wanted to touch them all.  They let me pet and brush, and I was little enough that my brushing method was to go under the horse's belly to do the other side. As I could lift a saddle I was allowed to ride, and was always given the horse no one rode (or could). I rode a whole lot of different /difficult horses over many years, with every manner of human issue.  It's because of them I became such an good, intuitive rider. 

Growing up dogs and cats were always part of everyone's home, and as kids we found all kinds of great things in the woods (snakes, frogs, raccoons, birds). I watched the nonverbal language of animals and use that ability today.

Two Stories

There are many stories of healing, here's two:

The Grey Tabby. She was an old gal diagnosed with failing kidney had stopped drinking.  She had a loving owner who learned to administer fluids by IV every couple of days to keep fluids in her, and hoped there was another option. She was not moving when I met her, and I could tell my slightest touch to her skin hurt, but after we released the first block she let out a sigh and let me work on her for an hour. By the time I arrived for the next session she had started drinking a little water and was getting up to use the litter box. By the next visit she'd been drinking so much the IV bags were not needed, and I got to see the beautiful being, now full of life again, the owner loved so much.  

The Black Stallion. He really did look like that beautiful horse in the film and had been diagnosed at birth with tendon issues. He was on permanent limited exercise, daily meds, and year-round special shoes. He was only five years but stood in his stall, with head hung low, and looked like a very old horse. He was swollen (edema) with tight fascia everywhere. The owner agreed to take him barefoot and to walk him a little every day. His body changed session by session, the healing system doing its marvelous job. Not long after we started he was running like the Black Stallion and you wouldn't know of his prior issues. He taught me a lot about the healing powers of the body.

Where I Work

I am based in Marin County, California, and travel locally to see all my clients. For horses this is necessary, but dogs and cats also love the comfort of being treated in their own home.  Most want to rest and relax after the session is over and so already being there means the healing process starts as soon as the session is over. 

I like to travel so if you live outside my area let's just add that detail to our talk and see if we can make it work.

Let's Talk

If you would like to know if Acupressure could help the challenges you are facing with your animal, please give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.  

(415) 741-1750